Good Shepherd Mission

We are followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ and we help hundreds of children, elderly and disabled have a higher quality of life and empower the working poor to better themselves. Good Shepherd Mission is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. We are funded by generous donations from individuals, local churches, businesses, the new Piney Woods United Way, civic clubs and through our in house Thrift Stores. We work with other local Human Services organizations and share resources as available. We serve all walks of life equally. Most clients or users of services are local and under the poverty level of Federal Income Guidelines. One third are elderly, and many are disabled. Most are of the working poor class.  THE MISSION’s mission statement is:

“Meeting basic human needs through FEEDING, CLOTHING, SHELTERING, COUNSELING and changing lives for GOOD based upon New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ.”

What we do:

WE attempt to help mold people into who God would have them be … how? Primarily, by just keeping the wolves of society at bay. We try to have a safe environment for each individual to awake each day and try to do the right thing. We try to never put God in a box. We stay with the basic teachings of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament.

• We serve over 2,000 hot meals each month.
• We give groceries to over 650 house holds each month which includes well over 500 children.
• We have over 1,000 beds used monthly.
• we give out over 6,500 articles of clothing, shoes, coats, and blankets items each month.
• We spread the good news to all and build relationships to help change lives for good.

“WE” means you too can be involved.  We all can make a difference.  The Mission is helping change how we battle poverty.  We do not want to enable and imprison with dependency!   We want find ways to empower folks to band together in their neighborhoods to live free of crime by spreading hope and love.  Find ways to beautify the community.  Increase quality of living by simple but effective gardens that increase nutrition. Take over grown lots and make play areas for kids and gathering spots for healthy fun.  Enable and empower so as to rid neighborhoods of drugs.  Plans and resources are being gathered to enhance this plan.