New Picture (7)We do recycle metals, cardboard and more.  We pick up larger donated items.  Please call our main line or email us.  Our driver, Pip or helper Nate will call you and schedule an appointment for pick up Monday through Friday.  We do have a drop off area which we are trying to improve.  The Clothing Bank is at our Bargains and Blessing Store located across the street at 1008 M.L.K. here in Huntsville, TX.  We have no way currently to fix items and we cannot haul off trash or items that have deteriorated due to exposure to weather or have been compromised by pests.  Items are tax deductible. Email us at or call 291-8156, or our Bargains and Blessings Thrift House-wares Store at 291-9375, which all proceeds go to support this ministry to Walker County and those passing through in need.  It is located behind the main building at 1005 M.L.K.