Frequently Asked Questions

Would it be possible for us to help serve an evening meal?

Yes, you can help serve… or your group can prepare a meal off-site and bring it here and serve it. Usually the noon meal is larger. We never know how many. The Weekend meals vary. We must have a week notice for the weekends, because the night-mangers plan those meals well in advance.

What is a good number for a group?

It varies with activity. Only about 3 people can help serve food. For working in the food bank, about four to five… sorting, organizing, and bagging as well as bring the food up to distribute on M-W-F from 9:00 a.m. to Noon. This is when we have volunteers actually hand the food out here, but we have to get all set up. Sorters and volunteers in the Thrift Stores may number from six to 26…any time stores are open, but special arrangements for large groups can be accommodated. General cleaning of shelves, pantries, refrigerators, disinfecting beds…we can use up to 18 hearty folks. Special projects off campus are always welcomed… food drives (youth activity or young adults can take a video camera and do a treasure hunt for specific items, like canned meat products, or the biggest bag of rice or beans, or for blankets or coats). Car washes for donations, fun booths at public events, or landscaping projects are unique things OK, now if you mean how many come eat…well any where from 15 to 35. We never know.

What ages do you allow?

We allow 15 year olds to work independently, less than that need an older sponsor of 15 or older. We have children who bag rice and beans…even pre-schoolers can do that, or a class of older adults can have an “R & B” party…play music and bag RICE & BEANS… then have some younger members bring the cases in to the mission.

In what area would we be needed the most?

Depends upon the day of the week, month, and season. Developing Community involvement in “Bikes for our County TIKES” and “Wheels for Change” – Christmas bicycle programs for needy children and homeless or impoverished adults. We ALWAYS need help in our Thrift Store, Bargains and Blessings, which is the clothing store. We always need help answering phones in the afternoon. Note: We are planning to renovate and convert the kitchen to commercial standards.  We will teach the Culinary Arts.  We are repurposing a 1973 International van that is all aluminum which will roll into neighborhoods and serve food and have Block Parties with ministry teams, fun, food, music and ministry… Building relationships, Building our COMMUNITY.  We are expanding the Food Bank.  Sooo, we need resources and funds and professional helpers.