IMG_2243      Shelter Meals (Matthew 28:35)

  • An average of 2,100 are served monthly.
  • Each day of the year hot meals are served free of charge at noon and 6:00 PM. Sunday lunch is served at 1:00 PM.
  • All are welcome; however, all are expected to help with clean up (as able).
  • Lodgers have breakfast at 6:00 AM.
  • We are currently planning total renovations of the kitchen to a fully functional commercial kitchen where interns will be taught the Culinary Arts.  This will empower them for good jobs.  We are accepting funding for this ministry program.

Food Pantry (Matthew 25:45)IMG_2240

  • Groceries are distributed at the Food Pantry  window Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 12 PM.
  • Vouchers are awarded inside the front entrance of the Mission. We honor Link2Feed clients.
  • We serve an average of 140 households per week moving 135 tons of groceries a year.
  • Long Term Mission Program Clients who become local clients must provide SNAPS/Lonestar Card verification and/or other sources of information such as utility bill documentation or letter of introduction from local churches. Elderly and Disabled may come twice a month.
  • Serving size depends on the number of people in the client’s family.
  • We are in collaboration with Link2Feed via Houston Food Bank Region and Trinity River Bank System. We are soon moving to a primary “Client Choice” with a more “shopping for food” environment. (Volunteers needed to help!)

    Front in Spring        Lodging (Matthew 25:38)140925_000b4

  • Overnight lodging is available for needy travelers or those in local crises.
  • We average over 1,000 bed uses per month.
  • A stay of up to three nights is the rule with exceptions to be counseled by the Director.
  • Families and the employees here have longer stays if the situation is productive.
  • The goal is for a successful transition to self sufficiency.
  • Lodging may be denied or terminated because of health, safety or security reasons.
  • Showers, linens, toiletries and clean clothes are available without charge.
  • We are strictly a night shelter. We are not a day shelter.
  • No one under the influence of dependency materials may be lodged.
  • All people, individuals and families wanting Shelter Services must come into the Mission Mon-Fri between 9am – 1pm for an interview with a Case Manager – No exceptions. This is the policy to keep everyone safe and healthy. Anyone attempting to contest this will not be allowed to stay on our Private Property.

Family RE-Building Ministry

Family Building Sheltering Parameters

We are a Faith Based Charity, ministry.  This facility with three autonomous family apartments, plus the programs associated with these unique families will only be open to those who experience an external crisis not of their making. This facility is for a Husband and Wife, legally married with children.  Units are 620 sqft and have private baths with two sets of bunk beds, king size bed and partitioned between parents and kids.

EXAMPLES of approved circumstances or life situations:

  • Family was victimized by a home burned out or flood or natural disaster. (They may be gainfully employed have insurance and resources to rebuild or get a temporary apartment, but it will take a few weeks, but cannot stay in a motel more than a couple of nights.)

This program is designed to help them get to a new and viable position.

What this program is designed to do:

  • To provide physical, mental and spiritual help and training to maximize a rewarding and productive life according to the teaching of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament.
  • Allow an environment to provide a safe place for family members to grow as individuals and as a family unit.
  • To provide community involvement in helping give a family a hand up.  This is to intervene in a family’s life to keep them from starting a generation of poverty.
  • Find appropriate resources from all appropriate sources, example: VA Grants for Veterans with families; Schooling, training and educational grants; Foundations’ funding for special needs and program specific to clients’ needs and monitor their implementation, progress and aftercare for future programs.
  • Plug these families into appropriate Mission staffing positions both paid and volunteering positions to enhance the overall ministry to this community at all levels.  This allows for a sense of well being and purpose.

What this program is not:

  • This is not traditional transitional housing. Families may be needing help for weeks or months.
  • This is not public housing. (Public Housing is available locally or through HUD, Sect. 8)
  • This is not going to perpetuate poverty, ignorance or stagnation in a life situation.
  • This is not for families in generational poverty with no family history of an autonomous life lived successfully.  Other more appropriate and targeted programs are available for such families dynamics. We collaborate with these organizations and programs.

Participants with sponsoring organizations such as Veteran programs, Churches, Area Universities or legitimate ministry organizations will have first priority.  All participants will be interviewed before an intake into the program and facilities made available. Participants will develop a definite plan and reasonable goals with reasonable or feasible means to have them fulfilled.  Case management and counseling will be involved.  After work is secured and appropriate timing, families will be asked to help with utility expenses.


Clothing (Matthew 25:36)

  • Clothing is available to clients in need once per month.
  • Emergency distributed as needed.
  • Regular request or long term – same requirements as the food bank.
  • Over 6,500 articles are distributed monthly.
  • Client applicants are screened in the same way as food applicants.
  • Clothing vouchers are awarded Monday through Friday from 9:00am to noon.
  • Coats are available once per season (over 500 are given away annually).
  • Quality used shoes are allocated one pair per client, including family members, once every three month.

Furniture, Bedding, and Necessity Housewares (James 2:8)

  • Walker County Residents moving out of a local shelter or victims of fire or a natural disaster may receive aid at no charge for these items.
  • (documentation is required from the Fire Chief).
  • Mattresses, box springs and sofas or chairs are available free to qualified above clients.
  • A very limited number of stoves and refrigerators are available for extreme cases via waiting list.
  • We have pick up and delivery truck available on appointment
  • Garage sale prices keep the bills paid at the Mission and is available to all.


  • Medications are limited to antibiotics and only for qualified Walker County Clients.


  • Counseling and referrals by appointment.
  • Crisis intervention, marital, addiction rehabilitation, grief, spiritual.

Substance Abuse Recovery Program

  • H.O.P.E. House (Healing, Open, Personalized Environment), 9 month Holistic (MIND/BODY/SOUL) therapeutic program, collaboration with S.H.S.U. Counseling Dept., program is limited to 6 participants.

(Matthew 9:37 )  Work Assistance      Encouragement

  • See front office for specific issues (child care, car repair, ed/training, uniforms, fuel), but most are referred to WORK SOURCE.
  • Uniforms and special work related resources may be handled individually.
  • High Speed Internet is available by appointment.