Rev. Dave Smith

Rev. Dave Smith

Rev. Dave Smith
Executive Director

Rev. Dave Smith has been serving as Executive Director of the Good Shepherd Mission since March 1994. He is a 1979 graduate of Hardin-Simmons University ( Fine Arts and a B.S. in Ed). Dave is also a Certified Oilfield Service Engineer by Dow Chemical Co. (1981). From 1989 to 1993 Dave earned an M.A.E.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with the majority emphasis in Counseling and the majority of electives in the area of Old Testament Theology and Biblical Ministry.

Dave’s wife is also an HS-U graduate and teaches/coaches in Willis ISD. They have two daughters. The eldest is married with two children. The other has recently finished her TUFTS Museum of Fine Arts and moved on. Rev. Dave is a voracious reader of non-fiction, prefers transportation via a sport touring motorcycle, lifts weights, dabbles in Gourmet Cooking and thrives upon building relationships that build up God’s Kingdom.

Toni Lynn Smith
Case Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Toni Lynn Smith is coming out of retirement to be the GSM Case Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for the Ministry Programs of GS Mission.  Toni retired from Willis ISD after 26 years of being an educator who specialized in Special Ed and was a Jr High Coach at Lynn Lucas Jr High.  She was born in the jungles of  Venezuela, moved at five years old to the desert country of Kuwait with her Texan parents because her Gulf Oil Engineer Father got promoted.  She has lived in Bakersfield, California and London, England and traveled around the globe visiting dozens of exotic locations.  Willis, Texas was a mild and not wild like the jungles.  She received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Hardin-Simmons University and extra certifications via SHSU and Region Six Education Center.  She enjoys puzzles, her church choir, taking care of her mom and being MiMi to two grandkids. She is the wife of the Exec. Dir. of GSM. They have been married since August of 1977.


PIP Brown - Good Shepherd Mission

PIP Brown

Wilbert PIP Brown
Pick Up and Delivery Ambassador

Pip has been serving our community for over eight years as the Mission Truck Driver who goes out and picks up the donated items from local stores, organizations and individuals.  Along with Nate, his helper many folks are given a great first impression of the Mission and the ministry that occurs in Walker County.  Pip is famous for one turning a reputation of being infamous into truly being an ambassador for Christ. Pip is a great musician and works in land management for some prominent families. When you call the Mission to donate your household goods, then you can be assured you will be glad to see Pip and Nate at your door.